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Facial Services
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For all skin types: dry, dehydrated, moisture restoration etc.

75 min - $90

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An ECOCERT-certified organic solution for moisturizing and radiance boosting

75 min - $90


A variety of treatments inspired by popular medical esthetic treatments using powerful benchmark ingredients (vitamins, hyaluronic acid, growth factor, arbutin, etc)

50 min - $90

80 min - $105


The exceptional regenerating power of 24K gold is combined with anti-aging flowers to enhance the facial treatment

75 min - $90

Phytomer Treatment 03.jpg

Enjoy the latest in age defying results with this incredibly relaxing Phytomer facial

90 min - $130


This acid peel resurfaces your skin leaving it feeling smooth and free of defects

50 min - $100


Accelerate the results of acne scar reduction, line and wrinkle smoothing, and fading pigmentation marks

75 min - $110

Phytomer Treatment 07.jpg

Customize your facial for your goals and skin type (anti-wrinkle, firmness, breakouts etc.)

75 min - $85


Address hyperpigmentation, age spots and uneven complexion

75 min - $95

Phytomer Treatment 01.jpg

Citylife is Phytomer's anti pollution line to help keep your skin fresh, clean, and clear

75 min - $90


Give your skin something more than a shave and enjoy a back, shoulder, and neck massage at the same time

75 min - $90

Phytomer Treatment 02.jpg

Explore our various add ons to customize your facial just the way you need it

Prices vary per Add On

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