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Graded Acid Medi-Spa peel facial

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50 min - $120

Glyco 20 Acid Peel

This alpha hydraoxy acid peel provides the skin with a complete resurfacing effect to correct skin defects and soften the signs of aging. With a guarantee of visible and immediate results this intensive beauty treatment combines manual Micro D exfoliation with a 20% glycolic peel. A creamy, soothing, neutralizing mask returns skin to its proper balance so that cell renewal is maximized and irritation is eliminated.

        AHA-BHA-30 Chemical Peel

This intensive peel utilizes alpha and beta hydroxy acids to completely renew and resurface the skin's tone and texture. A 30% dose of glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acid is infused with vitamin B-5 to simultaneously eliminate fine line and surface roughness while minimizing pore size and plumping the skin with moisture.

        Graded Acid Peel Series - $400

The Medi-Spa Peel treatments are available in a series of treatments which also includes the Accelerated Recovery Cream home care product.

For a complete skin resurfacing with dramatic visible results our peel series combines 3 Peels with 1 Recuperation Facial. These weekly treatments provide a measurable rapid rejuvenation. Clinical tests show that 21 days after the 4th treatment* wrinkle depth is reduced 15-50%!

*Vie Accelerated Rapid Recovery Cream was used by test subjects between each treatment and for 21 days after the treatment.

        Recuperation Facial - 30 min ($60)

This nurturing facial is highly recommended after participation in an aggressive skin care program such as acid peels, laser treatments, vitamin A therapies, or microdermabrasion. The skin is massaged with a calming, restoring massage balm and a cooling plasticizing mask enriched with Epidermal Growth Factor peptides is applied to boost skin regeneration.

Add ons:

(Upgrade and customize your treatment)

· Marine Eye Lift - $25

· Plump Up Lip Smoother - $15

· Decollete Parfait - $25

· Cryo Tonic Leg Rescue Add On - $30

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