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The word “spa” comes from the Latin phrase, Sanitas Per Aqua, meaning health through water. Historically, every culture has used the waters of the world for healing and balancing purposes: ancient Egyptians used seawater for general hygiene; ancient Greek philosophers prescribed seawater soaks and elixirs to cure many ailments; ancient Romans built seawater temples and received under water massage to rejuvenate after battles, and for centuries the Japanese culture has enjoyed the benefits of thermal mineral spring rituals. Today these advantages are widely enjoyed in the modern spa thanks to a variety of facial and body treatments containing the nutritive waters of the world, offering a means of balance.

AquaVie, meaning water of life, invites you to begin a journey toward well-being, beauty, and a balanced life by partaking in our unique compilation of facial and body therapies, all of which are based around the healing powers of mineral-rich seawater. Abounding with vital trace minerals and complex nourishment, the sea is our source of life and equilibrium. AquaVie also addresses a multitude of well-being goals by utilizing the secrets of earth’s nutritive waters combined with nature’s many treasures.

AquaVie Day Spa’s founder, Mirjam “Anneli” Johnson, moved to the United States from Finland in 1963 with her three young daughters. An already established, knowledgeable Esthetician and Massage Therapist with a multitude of diplomas and certifications and years of European training and experience, Anneli set out to introduce her expert services to those who lived in her new hometown, Salt Lake City. In 1974 Anneli opened her own day spa business, Skin Care World, where she provided a full spectrum of services for the face and body and also offered educational courses to those interested in this seemingly “new” field. Today, after a change of name, AquaVie Day Spa remains the most innovative spa in the valley with Anneli’s 60+ years of experience as its foundation.

As the most established and experienced day spa in the valley, we are proud to provide solutions from the sea with exclusive, French spa treatments by Phytomer. Using this high quality thalassotherapy collection, our knowledgeable, professional skin and body care therapists will assist you in personalizing a treatment program, which addresses your wellness and lifestyle needs.

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