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The bottoms of the feet act almost as a mirror or map of the body. With Reflexology, manual pressure techniques are applied to the bottom of the feet on a system of zones and reflex areas which correspond to specific areas of the body with a premise that such work may effects a physical change in the body.

Reflexology has been used throughout history dating back as far as 2704 BCE. Archeological evidence points to ancient reflexology medical practices in Egypt, China and Japan. There have been many studies on Reflexology and today it is commonly used by people for many health promoting purposes; relaxation, stress related conditions, tension headaches, insomnia, pain reduction, improving circulation, aiding in post operative recovery, enhancing medical care and so on. Reflexology is recommended as a complement to and not a replacement for medical treatment.

Add ons:

(Upgrade and customize your treatment)

· Hot Spot Thermal Compress - $30

· Cryo Tonic Leg Rescue Add On - $30

· Extended Foot Massage

(10 minute) $20

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