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Oiligomer Spa Exfoliation and Massage

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75 min - $145

This 75 minute treatment combination includes a body exfoliation and a massage. The creamy, no rinse scrub is absorbed during the exfoliation to soften the skin. Massage movements incorporating 65 techniques re-energize the body and release tension. The nourishing bi-phase massage concentrate contains various marine oils to nourish and soften the skin. The aqueous phase with Oligomer®, is filled with minerals and trace elements. Skin is left silky soft with a fresh subtle scent of green tea, jasmine and freesia.

Add ons:

(Upgrade and customize your treatment)

 · Cryo Tonic Leg Rescue Add On - $25

· Marine Scalp Treatment - $50

· Bust Treatment - $50

· Stretch Mark Treatment - $60

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