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Body and Massage Upgrades

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· Hot Spot Thermal Compress: $30 per area

If you have any sore spots, tension or discomfort, the area can be pre-treated with a thermal sea-mud compress to detoxify, relax and sooth the tight muscle group prior to massage. This soothing, relaxing compress can make the positive results from your massage last days longer.

· Cryo Tonic Leg Rescue Add On: Add On $30, Stand-alone treatment $75

Many are prone to poor circulation in the legs, resulting in heaviness, swelling, and varicose veins, in addition to aches associated with athleticism or being on your feet all day. To help reduce these symptoms and minimize the appearance of spider veins, an herbal gel is used to improve circulation while menthol relieves fatigue and aches. This tingly, cool rescue gives immediate relief and long-terms results are apparent after repeated treatment.

· Deep Tissue Massage Upgrade: $15

Slow, firm, sustained pressure is applied to release muscle tension. The target is on the deep, inner layers of muscle and connective tissue.

· Marine Scalp Treatment: $50

Fatigue, stress, pollution, sun and poor diet can all affect the health and appearance of your hair and scalp. A scalp treatment can help to restore balance to the hair follicles which results in body and shine to the hair.

· Stretch Mark Treatment: $60

Ideal to help fade or lessen visibility of stretch marks by helping to promote regeneration of tears in collagen and elastin fibers of the skin.

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